BJP Vs Trinamool Congress : A Fight for Survival


Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) challenges Trinamool Congress’s (TMC) Chief Mamata Banerjee to organize a 10,000 farmer rally in Kolkata and if she succeeds then BJP will organize a 50,000 farmer rally in Kolkata to show that farmers are with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The elections in Bengal will approximately be held in the mid of 2021 then why are parties challenging each other to organize a rally now itself? The answer is simple i.e., to ensure their victory.

Analyzing West Bengal’s political scenario

For years now, TMC has always had a stronghold in West Bengal then what’s the problem? Recently a lot of TMC’s MPs and MLAs have been fleeing TMC’s boat and joining BJP officially and there are rumors that a lot more will flee shortly. Lesser numbers for TMC will mean loss and victory for BJP. The Home Minister Amit Shah has also organized rallies in West Bengal in which a lot of people had participated.

The alleged reason for these shifts is Abhishek Banerjee infamously known as the Rajkumar of Bengal. TMC members were not exactly happy with Abhishek attending all-important party meetings and taking the deciding calls in the party. Party members are not liking the fact that even TMC is turning into a dynast rule and that’s one of the reasons why MPs and MLAs have been switching sides from TMC to BJP. This leads to the future of Bengal be on shaky grounds where anything could happen and any party i.e., either TMC or BJP could win.

TMC and BJP’s strategies

Mamata Banerjee has been very kind to Bangladeshis over the years and has allowed migration through the borders to make her vote bank stronger. Last year when BJP announced that the National Register of Citizens will be carried out in Bengal then Mamata came to Bangladeshis rescue by saying that “All Bangladeshis living in Bengal are Indian citizens”. Basically, Mamata is pro-minority and as some people say plays the politics of ‘minority appeasement’ and these minorities are usually Muslims.

BJP allegedly plays the politics of ‘majority appeasement’ who are mainly Hindus. We don’t have to emphasize how different both the party’s vote bank is. While BJP is trying to cater to the Hindu population without saying but, they are trying a different strategy this time. The strategy which they are using now is that they are not exactly talking about Hindus or Muslims for a change instead they are asking the people of West Bengal to give BJP a chance as they’ve given to other political parties.

The Home Minister Amit Shah has said that “You gave the Congress three decades, didn’t you? You gave communists 27 years, didn’t you? You gave Trinamool a decade, didn’t you? Now give BJP only five years and see the difference”. The demography of Bengal is changing due to the arrival of Bangladeshis. After observing the posts on social media especially Facebook one could easily observe that the Hindu Bengalis are willing to vote for BJP because they believe that BJP will work for them and not Bangladeshis. This however is not an unusual expectation judging by how BJP’s politics is which also has been pointed out several times by leaders of the oppositions as well as journalists.

People fed up with corruption?

When BJP has changed its strategy to have a wider approach the TMC still seems to go with the same approach i.e., minority appeasement and recalling the policies/schemes that they have introduced in Bengal for the betterment of the people. Mamata as a leader is very powerful and there’s no doubt about it but, the corruption in TMC can’t be overlooked. One of the prime examples of this was the Saradha or Saradha Group Financial Scandal. Some of the MPs of TMC were directly linked and were a part of the scam.

Under any corrupt government’s regime there comes a point when the people refuse to tolerate and stay quiet while corruption is at its peak. This might be the same point of TMC’s regime where people are sick and tired of the corruption in the state. 

Predictions of who will win in 2021?

A certain group of media has left no room in acting as a tool for propaganda. They’re playing a very important role in deciding and announcing that BJP will surely win the elections in West Bengal in 2021. Most of us are aware that this section of media probably gets happier in announcing the win for BJP than the party members themselves. On the same note, India’s renowned political analyst Prashant Kishor also known as the King Maker tweeted his response to this section of the media.

He tweeted:

Kishor needs no introduction as the majority of us are already aware of his accuracy and calculations. He would never challenge to quit Twitter if BJP crosses double digits if he wasn’t sure of his calculations. Kishor may be right or maybe wrong but, whatever happens, BJP will have to struggle to keep up their image and performance if they wish to win in West Bengal. It’s a tough battle for both parties and both of them will have to bring their A-game if they wish to win. We hope that whoever wins will work for the betterment of the people and won’t back out on their promises that they are making and will make in the campaign.

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