Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez : Where does the future of the left lie ?


With the confirmation by the Electoral College, Joe Biden is all set to be the 46th President of the United States. Along with Biden his Democratic Party is also set to return to power after the tenure they had when Obama was the President of United States. 

Some leaders whom we wanted but are not in the cabinet yet

Bernie Sanders has shown an interest in becoming the Labor Secretary but, Biden hasn’t said that Sanders would be the Labor Secretary for sure. Many names are coming up for the position of Labor Secretary and Biden hasn’t commented on any. This could mean two things for Sanders, either Biden wants him to be in the cabinet but, he doesn’t want to burst everyone else’s bubble or Sanders won’t get the chance to be in the cabinet at least till his 83rd birthday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Sanders will be getting any place in the cabinet prior to his 83rd birthday.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, also known as AOC is interested in policies like single-payer Medicare for all, tuition-free public college and trade school, cancellation of $1.6 trillion of student debt, enacting gun-control policies, etc. Like Sanders, Cortez hasn’t been selected for the cabinet yet. A few questions have been raised on the people who have been selected for the cabinet. In fact, Cortez has even called Biden’s vision for this cabinet to be ‘hazy’.

Analysis of what some policies which the Left focuses on mean for the US

  • Increasing corporate tax from 21% to 35% and mandate companies that either are publicly traded or have at least $100 million in either their annual revenue or balance sheet total grant workers 2 percent of the company’s stock until employees own a minimum of 20 percent of the company. Now, these measures might sound extremely beneficial for the worker class and for the country but, this might make the companies uncomfortable and this might result in them leaving the country to set up business somewhere else. If it happens then another failure will be added to the list of failed policies introduced by the Left. 
  • Single-payer healthcare in simpler words is that the whole healthcare system of the country will be covered by a single public system. The citizens won’t have to pay for medical expenses. This is a crucial step in taking the weight of unbelievable medical expenses off the citizen’s shoulder.
  • Cancellation of $1.6 trillion of student debt. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, nearly 40% of the borrowers aged 65 and older are defaulters now when it comes to repaying their student loans.
  • Enacting gun-control policies. This is a much-needed step for the US as the gun crimes in the country are over the charts.

Tracing the failure and success of the Left

History of the Left in the United States isn’t that great when compared to the history of the Right. Let’s try to understand what might be the reason for people choosing the Right over the Left. One of the prime reasons is that the Right doesn’t believe in changing the whole structure of anything like the Left believes in.

If there’s a decline in purchasing power then the Left might suggest that we’ve to change the whole taxation system so that the purchasing power increases. Whereas the Right will just reduce the taxes to some extent, and then the purchasing power will automatically increase. People are used to the existing structures and changing each and every structure of how the country functions will only create chaos. Hence, people prefer the Right.

We’ve seen some Left leaders too whom the people of the United States loved like Obama. Before Trump, Obama was the leader that brought victory for the Left. Obama’s political views were more suitable for the Rightist ideology, conservative to be precise but, he was a member of the Democratic Party and some of his actions were Left-leaning.

What lies for the Left ahead

After knowing that one of the most successful Democrat is a conservative, the rest of the Democrats might be a bit shocked. This suggests that the future of the true Left might not be as bright as we think.

However, the Democrats have won this time with a significant amount of votes so, this might mean that the Left may get a fresh start. This is much needed as the people of America aren’t quite happy with the current President Donald Trump. More Americans were happy about Trump’s loss than compared to the ones who are happy about Biden winning. In a situation like this, the people of the United States were ready to give anyone a chance except for Trump. If Biden is successful in using this opportunity wisely then the Left might have a solid chance of getting the upper hand in the next elections too.

Now coming back to Sanders and Cortez, both of them might not get a place in the cabinet but, they can still work hard for the people to ensure a place in the next cabinet if the Democrats win again. Like Biden, if Sanders and Cortez are successful in using this opportunity to their advantage then the left altogether will have the upper hand. Biden is making a very risky move by focusing on having the most diverse cabinet ever. We hope that Biden doesn’t forget about working efficiently in hopes of making history by having the most diverse cabinet ever.

The risk factor is huge because the future of the Left depends on the Democrats for the next 4 years. If they are able to work wisely and win the hearts of the Americans then their future will be bright. Who knows maybe under Biden, America will be great again in its true sense. If they’re not able to win the hearts by working then maybe it’ll just be a one-time hit and the Right will return to power again in 2024. Hence, their future is lying on shaky grounds.

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