The Great Indian Media Circus


Every time I turn on the news, all I see is news about black magic, Bollywood mafia, a starlet’s house being bulldozed, an A-list celebrity caught in a drug scandal and the list goes on. Apart from such eccentric news, I don’t find any valuable piece of information that has anything to do with the current state of the economy of our country or address issues like unemployment. 

Sure I would want to know why a talented and upcoming actor with a promising future was murdered or what prompted him to take his own life. But I also want to know where the economy of our country is heading. With an alarming rate of unemployment, the future of the country seems very bleak. I also deserve to know about our jawans who are guarding the borders so that we can sleep peacefully in the comfort of our homes. I also want to know about the status of the vaccine that is supposed to eradicate this deadly virus that has engulfed our surroundings. Celebrities get enough attention already, is it really important to ignore other issues and focus on their party hard lifestyle ? 

Our GDP is at a low point, unemployment is on its peak and the ongoing tensions with China have also added to the country’s never ending list of problems.

According to the statistics by The International Labour Organization, the global labour income has come down by 10.7% between January to September. 

The worst hit by this pandemic are people who belong to really poor economic backgrounds and who were dependent on daily wages to run their house. To further worsen the situation, thousands of people have lost their homes to the recent floods and landslides. The government too has failed to provide any data on migrant labour or COVID deaths or people who have lost their lives in the natural calamities. 

In such situations we expect the media to be a crusader and bring forth the issues that the government has been sidelining or trying to hide. Instead , the Indian media is running its own circus and weaving nonsensical news around the death of an actor , reporting even the slightest updates as sensational headlines. 

With the country dealing with an economic crisis and war like situation, isn’t it the responsibility of the media to bring to the light the issues that need attention? Afterall it’s a huge platform that millions across the country follow. Amidst the tensions at the border where our soldiers were being killed by the Chinese armies , the media was busy running news about Ayodhya and the foundation stone. Women being raped and killed are of least importance when compared to the NCB questioning of a celebrity. 

I can hear the news anchor screaming in the top of his lungs , fighting to get justice for a celebrity, but did anyone talk about the Hathras rape victim? The brother sister duo of a national party will go meet the victim’s family in order to pull down the ruling government, but will anyone raise their voice for her ? 

Is the media going to keep its eyes shut and play dummy to certain influential people? Is this all a propaganda just to divert our attention from matters that are of utmost importance? 

Welcome to the Great Indian Media Circus.

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