Tamasha : Finding The Rebel Within You


“Chehre jo ode tune wo tere kahan, tu aur hai, koi aur hai”- the entire movie Tamasha was based on this concept.It was a 2015 ecstatic movie written and directed by the storyteller Imtiaz Ali whose solemn purpose was to let people discover their hidden selves. The ‘SELF’ refers to the one which they have been hiding for so long in order to be socially acceptable and to please people. There’s a little rebel inside all of us-the rebel who dreams. And this movie wants you to listen to that rebel, to follow that rebel, and not ignore it at all. A tree knows its purpose and lives life accordingly, but for a human, it is a process of figuring out and following your passion, or else life will be nothing less than a chaos and confusion.

The movie starts with a nine-year-old Ved, who was absolutely interested in Art, listening to stories, living his imagination and telling people stories with utmost pleasure. Just like any other Indian parent, his father wanted him to be academically focused. However, Ved could never make meaning out of books and math. As a nineteen year old adolescent, his father forced him to pursue math and give up on his passion of storytelling. Years and years of living like a mediocre, when Ved goes to Corsica, he meets Tara. And then, the Tamasha actually begins. They made a pact to hide the details of their actual life and fake everything. So, Ved/Don met Tara/Mona Darling. As their bond grew stronger, Tara realized she was falling in love with Ved and afterwards, decided to leave Corsica despite their romantic friendship. The film moves back to another flashback where a young Ved is seen questioning the storyteller about the reason for happy times ending quickly, after noticing a sad part in all of his stories. After returning to India, she met Ved after 4 years, when they finally introduced their real identities. Ved was a product manager who would follow a strict timetable, not as carefree as Don was, sophisticated and well-mannered man. His monotonous and tedious lifestyle on a daily basis, from morning to evening in a similar pattern, includes him waking up on time, completing the morning chores, wiping the car, helping an elderly woman at his office, giving a presentation for work, and, meeting Tara in the evening. And when Ved finally proposed to Tara, she declined, she said “ye tum nahi ho Ved, ye tum acting kar rahe ho. Tum special ho, pehechano khudko aur band karo apna dhong.” The complexity of his childhood is triggered and he had a massive mental breakdown. For all these years, he tried to embed his emotions and passion to his unconscious but this one statement from Tara makes him question all his life and its meaning. “Andar se kuch aur hi hain hum, bas bahar se majboor.”

The movie has exceptional dialogues and a storyline which most of us will connect to. Just like Ved, many of us are restricted from following our dreams and passions. We are getting shattered inside and people fail to notice that. How badly we want our voices to be heard but the society has put a duct-tape on our mouths, which we are too scared to remove. And somewhere on the way of life, we forget who we are, how to live and later we stop doing things that makes us feel alive. “ Darr lagta hai, apani kahani mujhse poochta hai, kayar tu kisse darta hai. Bata, bol apni kahani, kya hai tere dil me?” and just when this line hit Ved and help him reconnect to himself, and gave him the courage to tell his parents that he is not good at math, he cannot do engineering, he was alive again. Ved taught me that it’s okay to let go of everything just to start again. Just like he said, “Choose your own race, no one can beat you there.”

I think one can be Ved by solving his inner complexities and following his passion. But to be Tara, it is a really difficult. Helping Ved to realize who he actually is, holding him tight even when he was harsh on her, she was a goddess of selfless love. She fell in love with Ved in Corsica, but she had to wait for four years to meet him, which shows her impeccable love for Ved despite of the reality that she had no clue about his real name or anything. She was strong to deny Ved for marriage and made him realize his true self. She got enough chances to fall out of love, but she didn’t. She knew Ved needed himself to figure out his life and she was ready to let go of hers. She understood Ved and wanted him to achieve his potential. I bow to Tara, and I aspire to become a person like her. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Tamasha is a masterpiece everybody should watch at least once. You will fall in love with the concept, the characters, the storyline and the immense motivation it gives you to be yourself and do yourself. ‘Kise chahiye mann ka sona, aakh ka moti. Kise padi hai andar kya hai. Hoti ret hai, lagta paani.’ We humans are delusional, we believe that wealth and a proper job could bring peace in us, however, all of this wealth is a ‘MIRAJ’. It is not true, the heart wants what it wants and it cannot be tricked. Choose to follow your heart in every extreme. Break the chains. Don’t let people control your life. Choose your ending, it is your story after all. Trust me, Tamasha is the master key to discover your hidden self.

Ending the article by saying, “Jise dhoonda zamaane me, mujhime tha.” You have the light you are searching everywhere, so lighten your world and watch the movie! Believe me, Imtiaz Ali created magic on screen through the film Tamasha.

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