Why Michelle Obama has always been the best FLOTUS(First Lady of the United States)


The most awaited 2020 Democratic National Convention, the presidential nominating convention finally concluded on August 20th. The convention that opened on 17th August had some of the biggest names in US politics that took the centre stage at the DNC 2020. The lineup was an impressive one featuring former and would-be presidents and some of the most impeccable acceptance speeches.

This year while Corona played spoilsport, the virtual convention lacked the spontaneity since there was a lack of reaction or applause from the audience and there was no way of knowing how well the audience received a delivered speech. The event hosted by Eva Longoria was as entertaining as it could be with celebrities, music videos and immaculate speeches.

There were some powerful speeches by the former President of the United States, Barack Obama and the presidential nominee Joe Biden.  Obama’s speech mostly comprised about why Biden and his Vice Presidential nominee Sen Kamala Harris are capable of getting the country out of dark times and building it back better. Obama also accused Trump of being an incompetent President who has done nothing but turning the economy of the country to shambles, resulting in the huge number of unemployment. Obama also stated that Trump could never grow into his job because he can’t and had expected him to take his job seriously. Mike Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York made a rather short speech but criticized Trump and his ways of running the government and accusing him of labeling immigrants as enemies while forming allies with the white supremacists.

Amid so many speeches, the one that stood out the most was by Michelle Obama. With a whopping 7.6 million outreach (social media interaction) ,none of the other speakers at the DNC came close to her massive numbers. Mrs.Obama is known to be a woman who doesn’t mince her words. Her speech while being honest and brutal highlighted her concern for the people of her country. She spoke about unemployment being at its peak, the state of the school going children and black lives. There’s a reason why Mrs.Obama strikes a chord with her citizens. It is because of her earnest and empathetic approach. She spoke at length about having had the privilege to experience the power of presidency and what wonders it can do for the people and the nation and the capability of starting wars or brokering peace. She rooted for Biden while mentioning how he was an excellent Vice President who has the capability of eradicating the pandemic from the country and bringing the economy to the front foot. She urged people to vote for Biden like their lives depend on it while also mentioning that Trump was the wrong president and is clearly in over his head. She spoke about how people of color are targeted by their own countrymen while white supremacists are encouraged.

Mrs.Obama didn’t bat an eyelid when she said that people have to do everything they can to elect Joe Biden as the president even if it means standing in a queue all night. In her 18 minutes long speech, I could understand why people connected to Mrs.Obama more than they could ever to Melania Trump. While listening to her talk about the hardships being faced by the people of her country ,I could see how much she cared about the people and that is what makes her a people’s person. I loved how she brought out Joe’s best qualities and spoke in the best interest of her countrymen.

The elections are less than 3 months away and we don’t know what the outcome will be but what I do know as a fact is that Michelle Obama will always be the best First Lady of the United States.

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