India needs to move beyond China and Pakistan while analyzing Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy


Since, a world cannot have two hegemonies, each of them try to cut one another as much as they can.

Joe Biden, a former vice president of the United States, has an extensive foreign policy background and played a lead role in the administration policy of many conflict areas, such as, Iraq, Afghanistan,etc.

Biden has framed China’s rise as a serious challenge and held it responsible for breaking international trade rules, stealing their intellectual properties, jobs. He also warns that China is making massive investments in energy, infrastructure and technology that threaten to leave united states behind. Biden, being a powerful figure, also criticised Trump’s 2020 “Phase one” trade deal with china, and Trump accepting the China’s assurances about the Corona pandemic.

Hence, he plans to rewind time to the pre-Trump era to improve America’s international relations with other countries and to promote  “global summit of democracy” aimed at restoring US leadership in a new drive to improvise  human rights, lessen corruption and fair play.

Another admiral pledge is to summon a “climate world summit”He has released a national plan to reduce emissions and invest in new technology and infrastructure, and to persuade the other green house emitting countries to come forth and join US ,in making the world a better place.

He further is a major proponent of the strategy called,‘counterterrorism plus’. This approach emphasizes fighting terrorist networks in other countries using small groups of U.S special forces and help in solving border line issues.

“Save the middle class, Save the United States” another prominent slogan by Biden. He tends to focus on the health of middle class people, to provide them all the facilities, to ease the economic burden and help them recover from down flash they faced during the pandemic.

Now, if we analyse Joe Biden’s foreign law policies, it tends to accelerate peace, economy and ensure safety to many developing countries with the US itself.

With reference to India, Joe Biden has offered to work with India in the Indo-Pacific to ensure no country, including China, is able to threaten its neighbour’s integrity. It has ensured that there can be no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia- cross border or otherwise. The context here is with Pakistan. But except for its welfare against China and Pakistan, Joe Biden has offered more, which needs to be analysed.

A Biden administration would give high priority in maintaining good ties with India, continue to strengthen its defence capabilities and will bring back the Paris-Climate Accord, and help India in clean energy and climate change.

Immigration, is another issue which has been a major part of India-US relations, Biden will ‘overturn policies’ that separate families at the border and unify them, as it is the main idea of the agenda. Increased number of Visas will be offered for permanent, work based immigration and green cards. Since,India is the largest recipient of the High-Skill visas , which allows US companies to employ overseas workers for speciality occupations. India is also the second largest source of foreign students to US, this immigration policy would be very beneficial for us.

It is also focused on building a broad spectrum strategic partnership in defence, technology , military , training, with different countries, including India. It will also address the rising incidents of hate crime against the religion of Indian-Americans(Hindu,Muslim, Sikh,etc) who have been subjected to bullying and attacks. He will see a legislation to increase the punishment for certain crimes that occurs in houses of worship.

What Biden would bring to India is much beyond resolving China and Pakistan conflicts. His economic agenda proposes improved international trade rules which benefit both US and its partners, including India. Technology Innovation would benefit Indian Industries. Immigration policies would promise fair, rational  and systematic approach for betterment of Indians living in US. In one of his recent speeches, he pledged to make U.S- India strategic partnership “high priority”and building close bonds.

With this much to offer, and give an essence of trust, reciprocity, wisdom and shared vision, India should seek this opportunity and analyse it way beyond just resolving its border conflicts with the two nations!

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