Congress Needs To Rectify the Structural Imbalances in Its Politics


Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the Independence Day speech from the prachir of Lal Quila for the seventh consecutive year. These passing years have not only marked the success of the RSS-BJP rule government at the center but has also become a signal of the decline of the national party Indian National Congress.

Congress (INC) was formed in 1885 with 72 social reformers and gave a platform to many Indian nationalists to fight against the British colonial rule along with the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. And the contribution of INC can’t be overlooked in the freedom struggle of India. It was finally under the most prominent leader of Congress and our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru that India dreamt of ‘Poorna Swarajya’. And from then nothing stopped Congress and they ruled around 60 years at the center until the massive landslide victory of BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

This has become a major concern for Sonia Gandhi led INC as not only they are losing seats consecutively in elections to BJP at many fronts but are also facing the toppling of government in the states legislature in which they have secured majority. Many leaders are leaving the current party in their worst crisis ever and are joining the opposition. This new trend is indicating the mismanagement of the Gandhi trio from the Delhi headquarters. Even Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of party president last year contributing to the latest setback.

Many issues have affected the destiny of the Congress party, including and not limited to: the continuous growth of the Modi brand; the scams that are being disclosed by the CBI and ED (likes of Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh) or be it the disputes occurring in the internal reconstruction of the party. All these things already have a great impact and are putting pressure on party’s image.  The last nails to coffins are being put by the media itself. Their continuous probing has put Rahul Gandhi and co. to a backfoot. Recently only the J.P Nadda led BJP had accused congress for signing deal with Chinese communist party and going against the interest of this secular nation. These things are being exaggerated by the Hindi media channels.

All these things can still be neglected at a point of time but the disputes that are emerging between the young leaders and old established mentors have become a threat to internal party management. Every party suffers from these issues but when it comes out and becomes a news to be shown in headlines, things need to be checked. Proliferation of these troubles certainly shows lack of proper coordination from the party president post. Low level of sync in this old organized party form has led to its decline.

Everything points towards the peculiar issue of not having a proper leader.

The very recent quarrel between Gehlot and Pilot has once again put serious allegations on the party that it is favoring the old leaders over the enthusiastic youth. A similar event led congress to lose its power in the state legislature of Goa and Madhya Pradesh as well.

Recently,100 congress leaders have written to Sonia Gandhi to change the leader at the Delhi headquarters. So, Sonia Gandhi has to choose between her Gandhi family or the non-Gandhi leaders. The leader to be followed has to have many traits in himself to acquire the throne. Firstly, a clear image with no involvement in any scams is utmost needed. Secondly a person is to be preferred who has a good relation to UPA ‘s allies so that they don’t object. Thirdly he should get a support from young party members. And lastly, he or she needs to have a clear vision and also needs to rectify the structural imbalances in the party politics. A proper leader with clear embedded values of cooperation and coordination can fill this vacant post suitably.

More than 3 years of time is left for proper planning and execution for the next National elections. So, to foresight this congress would certainly plan a leader who shall become the face of Congress to enter into the next Lok Sabha elections. Keeping all these things in mind and having full insights of current environment Sonia Gandhi has to take a strong decision. This announcement can change the complete scenario of congress as a political party or can even ruin its entire fortunes leading to BJP being an unrivaled power for decades.

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