Why ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is an inspiring film for the modern youth


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a realistic film,which received popular acclaim. A mobile video game based on the movie and La Tomatina festival was released by Jump Games on 19 July 2011. OPIUM Eyewear launched exclusive Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara sunglasses to promote the film.

The essence of the movie is to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment of life. The movie reflects the value of friendship and its role in building a life full of joy and laughter.This essence inspires a lot of people including me. We as human beings have opportunities to change our lives but other creatures are deprived of it. But do we make optimum use of this choice and agency granted to us? We make ourselves stuck in a particular dimension of our life such as work, career, thinking about others, and relationships. We get ourselves to enroll in a never-ending race and end up losing happiness. This is what the movie depicts through its protagonists named Arjun, Kabir, and Imraan.

Arjun is a manifestation of the modern man. He represents all those youngsters who are over-ambitious, keep planning for the future, and forget to live in the present. He can be called a robot whose program is terminated by Laila whom the friends meet in Spain. Talking about Arjun is incomplete without Laila as she is his counterpart. She turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him. She can be seen as the only one among the main characters who was happy from her life. Though she does not hold a very high position like Arjun but is rich in terms of happiness, she knew her solace, unlike Arjun. The main reason behind their union can be attributed to their opposite natures, as it is well known that opposites attract each other.

Next comes Kabir, who is an epitome of those who are unable to speak out due to social pressure. Through him, we get to know that it is not only with girls who take up the social pressure and give up their choices but boys also do so. He is artificial for his fiancé Natasha and real for his friends. Therefore, he is hard to analyze and to comment upon as he comprises of dual personalities. His fiancé turns out to be those conventional girls who stick to their fiancé all the time instead of being a self-reliant girl. Her insecurities add fuel to the fire and take Kabir more away from her which she does not realize. As a viewer, it gives me relaxation when finally, he confesses his disapproval for marriage and at the end gathers the courage to do so. He seems to be like a mouse who gets trapped into a suffocating and undesired relationship.

Last comes Imraan who is an amalgamation of both sadness and happiness. We can see that through writing, he was able to pen down his feelings and bring them out which lacked in his friends. Though he seems to be happy in most of the scenes through him, we can see that those who pretend to be happy are not happy always. He also showcases that sometimes the things for which we aspire a lot and chase throughout our lives cannot always give us a feeling of completeness. Therefore, it’s better to be happy with those which we have. He is one of the admirable characters and adds humor to the plot. His invention of’ BAGWATI’ is one of the most humorous parts of the movie. He is just like a clown in the movie.

Gathering my words, I would like to say that sometimes movies like this teach us some important lessons of life and gives a new dimension to our lives. A movie like this needs to be viewed by everyone irrespective of their ages.  Also, one should always watch movies because you never know when any movie could prove to be a mirror of your life.

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